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I'm a jewelry-making, book-devouring, vintage-accessories hoarding animal lover. I live in rural Door County, Wisconsin, an old-timey vacationland where natural beauty knocks up against gritty industrial shipyards and inspires the heck out of me.

Prettywar Designs is a jewelry and accessories line inspired by interesting juxtapositions. I love to combine disparate elements to create unique statement jewelry, and it thrills me to take an old, neglected, maybe even broken piece of jewelry and give it a new life. Vintage components like brass or copper flowers, faux pearls, Lucite beads, heart charms, old books and lace are reinvented by mixing them with new components like gemstones, unusual chains, and resin.


Some of my experiments involve pendants made from vintage paper, protected by clear resin. A Brownie Scout Handbook, found at my local library's book sale, led to me a series called “Girl Scout Liberation Project.” The pieces contain collages made from images and text from the handbook; the girls go off on adventures, much like I imagine the real girls who used the book must have done. (Blame all my university Women's Studies classes.) Other necklaces and bracelets are made from locally sourced books and ephemera, like old stamps and postcards. I'm a total future cat lady, despite having only two cats, so I also make  pendants with vintage feline images, some with hand-painted details like eyeglasses. (I call those "Hipster Kittens," ha!)


My newest pieces are “Diorama” necklaces - they combine whimsical and elegant components in terrarium lockets. Some are filled with tiny vintage flowers; others have miniature pastries and golden microbeads.  A few have charms, like antlers or an Eiffel tower. All are one-of-a-kind.


I also recently added stamped metal necklaces, bracelets, and key chains to my collection. They are available in brass, copper or aluminum in various sizes and shapes, including states. They have various phrases on them, ranging from cheeky to sweet, but can also be personalized.


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